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Layer created in lower version Swv does not work with higher version swv

Created: 12 Sep 2013 • Updated: 07 Oct 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We had created layer in a lower version Symantec tool i.e. version 6.1.

We want that layer to work with 7.5 version of Symantec.

But while trying to import that package in 7.5 version of SWV it is throwing following error:

"Error creating xpf directory"

and "Error importing vsa.  error code: 1010"

Hence please help us to resolve this issue.

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Looking in to the error message (Refer ( , it appears that the SWV is unable to extract the files from archive.

  • First and foremost, Are you trying to import an VSA package or a XPF ? Can you post a screenshot of the error message as well ?
  • When you say you created a package in 6.1 version , Can you be more specific on the build number or the full version name ?.
  • As a side note, would you be able to test, if this is the only package that triggers this error or any package created in your old 6.1 build fails to import here in 7.5 ?
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  • We are trying to import XPF.
  • By created package in 6.1 , I mean that we have created package using Wise Virtual Composer 6.1 SP7
  • All the application had failed to import in symantec Workspace Virtualization Admin 7.5

According to my experience it may not be due to the version change of the tool; It is something else; but where it is going wrong that we are not sure.

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Did you perform a 'in-place-upgrade' from an existing 6.1 installation to 7.5 or a fresh installation ?
This 1010 error can be likely due to a permission/access while extracting VSA/XPF. Are you having the package (The one you are trying to import) stored locally on that machine or trying to import from a network drive/UNC  ?. Also can you try running 'sc query vzservice' in a elevated comment prompt ? If this process (vzservice) is NOT running you might NOT be able to perform critical layer operations in 7.5

I was able to open a sample package in 7.5 that was created in 6.1SP7. There could be different possibilities here. While we try to figure this out here, the best way (if possible) is to reach out to support and provide us a sample package/Web-ex of your environment so as to identify the anomaly....

Another way to isolate this can be to create the same package with 7.5 version of composer and try to use it in the SWV 7.5 and see how it works..Ideally, this is not the solution but a good isolation point while we figure out the rest of it.

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We have found the solution, this issue had occurred because the folder redirection setting in registry was set incorrectly.

Hence solution is to set the registry value of the following to C:\fslrdr


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Hi Rachna,

Please select your above post as the solution for you problem, so the question are not being shown as not answered.

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