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LayerName variable in Virtual Composer

Created: 20 Jul 2012 | 2 comments


We have a vb script embedded into Post Import event which permissions the Installdir and other folders within the layer for Everyone\Full Control

The script is ececuted via a line in Packager.ini

It needs the Layer Name passed to it as an argument for the script to work which we manually enter in the Add/Modify Execution Script windows in Composer

Does anyone know the variable name that composer uses which can be automated in packager.ini

Have tried this but no joy

packager.autoscript.5=Description=*BuildCheck*|Error=*BuildCheckError*|Type=OnPostImport|Attributes=15| _


Any help greatfully received..

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Are you using the layer name as something to pass to SVSCmd or to get the location of the layer?  In most cases SVSCmd will take the layer ID as well as the layer name, so you could try the Layer ID instead.

In the current release the $ASPackage_GUID$ will return the package identifier which will match the layer ID.  However since this is a streaming variable it isn't processed during virtualization layer events (slightly different than streaming script stages).

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many thanks

I'll try the GUID variable instead