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LDAP / NTLM Configuration

Created: 27 May 2010
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I'm facing problem on the NTLM & the Policy Setting.

I have followed closely with the Admin Guide to setup the box, and test the LDAP (simple mode) with successful;
But, the NTLM test results are intermittance with sometime okay, sometime failed as messages below:

"Successful connection to domain controllers. Click here to test authentication,"
"You were succefully authenticated using NTLM."
"!We were unable to reach domain controller [Domain Name]."

Besides, how to setup the policy that, to block all users to access Internet, except some authenticated users?

I did try setting up policies something like below: (with precedence)

1. Allow - User Authentication
2. Block Others

But, some users in Policy#1 above seems like being blocked in Policy#2.

Is this because of the NTLM issues as mentioned above?

Thank you.

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