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Legacy corporate client 8.0 and 2008 definitions

Created: 03 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 14 comments
Happy New Year....well almost!
I've noticed that after the year change, definitions dates do not appear in the 8.0 corporate client (or Symantec System Center)... There were displayed as of the end of 2007 but now into 2008, they are blank.
As far as I can tell the antivirus client still operates properly.
Time to upgrade all nt4 and 98 clients?

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We're running 7.6.926 Corp and I've noticed the same thing.
Am I going to be forced to upgrade????
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Same here, running version 8, all have stopped showing their definition version dates on the clients and also in the Symantec System Center.
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I'm having the same issue, with version 7, anyone found any solutions?
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I have the same problem with all my version 8.0 clients (nobody using pervious versions).
Has anybody contacted Symantec Support?  I hate to waste my time retracing steps.
My guess is that they will suggest this fix: UPGRADE.  My experience with upgrading has been less than smooth.
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When I look in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs\  I see a folder for 20080104.002, which seems to be the latest virus defs file. 
So, it looks like my server is updating, and therefore my clients should be protected from the latest threats, right?
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I think everything is working correctly on the legacy servers/clients, and it's just a display issue.
You can right-click directories in Explorer and select "Scan for Viruses..." and it seems to scan correctly;
you can display the list of viruses within the client (presumably based on the latest definition file);
and if you have the later SSC installed (i.e. for version 10 servers and clients), you can see the correct 2008 virus definition dates installed for the version 8 servers and clients.
I don't think that this would be resolved by a later definition file update, more likely a patch to the legacy client which I wouldn't hold my breath on!
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Hi all...
We are having the same issue here except most (98%) of my client PC's are running version with the other 2% runing So it's not just version 8.x.  The Server shows it's updated with the latest 1/16/2008 defs and I do have 2 clients showing the latest defs date but the rest are split between 1/8/2008 and 1/9/2008.
The System Center has full commuications with the clients and all seems well except for the date. 
Has anybody contacted Symantec Tech. yet and if so what have they said?  Does Symantec look at these posts? And if so why hasn't a Symantec rep posted back?
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I found that I can update the Client PC's manually if I copy the latest *.xdb file to the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition\7.5\ folder
I got this info from...
Using one of my client PC's I copied the *.xdb file to the "7.5" folder and within a few minutes the Client PC updated.  I then checked the System Center and the Client PC, who used to show a def date of 1/8/2008, now shows a def date of 1/16/2008.
Unfortunately I have quite a few (few hundred) Client PC's and I don't want to have to do this to all of them then find when the next def update comes out I have to go through all of this again.
Any ideas Symantec?


dobhar's picture
Yep, me again...LOLOL :smileyvery-happy:
My Client PC's are now starting to get updated to the new 1/16/2008 virus defs.  woohoo!
Long story short...after manually updating my Client PC (previous post) I decided to download a new "vd286026.xdb" file (dated 1/16/2008) from the Def Download page.  I renamed the old "vd286026.xdb" file in the SAV folder then copied the new *.xdb file in.  I then rebooted the server and low and behold my Client PC are starting to show up with the new def date.
I also noticed that in the SAV folder there are a couple folders, one called I2_LDVP.VDB and the other called qsdec, both of these folder now have today's date in the "Date Modified" column.
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My SAV 8.0 also has the same problem of not being able to displaying virus definition on SAV client after 2008. I did what you told in previous post (using xdb file). but I still can't get the date shown on SAV main page.
Any idea???
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Hi Dave...
Did you reboot the server?  Nothing happened for me until I rebooted the server.  The only other thing I can mention is that my server is running SAVCE 9.x.
Ever since I did what I mentioned in my previous posts the server is pushing defs again and I can see the clients being updated.  It's like it needed a kick start...
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Same to here, Corp AV version 8, definition version is empty in 2008, is this the way Symantec remind us
a new years comes ? :smileyvery-happy:
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Hi all...
It happened again...I just noticed a couple hrs ago that my client PC's were stalled at defs dated 3/12/2008 and only PC's and Laptops, which I manually updated were showing up with the defs dated 3/19/2003 so the 2 way communications were still there.
I did what I did last time...I download a new "vd28e603.xdb" file (dated 3/19/2008) from the Def Download page.  I then renamed the old "vd28e603.xdb" file in the SAV folder then copied the new *.xdb file in.  After rebooting the server my Client PC are starting to show up with the new def date.
I guess it's time to upgrade my server and install the latest server version.
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Including this post, there appears to be at least 3 separate threads discussing this issue none of which have a suggested fix or an official MOD response:


Is there anyone out there with any answers? You time and response would be greatly appreciated!