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Library Expansion Option Violation!

Created: 17 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

A while back we purchased a license for the LEO module in order to support a second robotic tape drive. As with all storage resources we now need to add a third drive, however I get the following error message when I try to bring the third drive online:-
"Library Expansion Option Violation! This server is licensed to support 2 tape drives in robotic libraries. However, the number of tape drives currently in use exceeds the license. You must purchase additional Library Expansion Options, or disable 1 tape drive. Please refer to product documentation for more information."
If this message is true it seems rather unfair to have to pay Veritas yet more money for something that I thought we had already bought. Has anyone else had this problem and maybe found a solution that does not invlove giving Veritas more money. We are currently using 2 x HP 6 slot auto loaders (with a view to adding a third).

The irony is that the third drive is only being used to troubleshoot a problem with our backups that veritas have failed to get to the bottom of.

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ashwin pawar's picture

"Library Expansion Option Violation! This server is licensed to support 2 tape drives in robotic libraries.

Error:This error can happen if you have entered ONLY 1 LEO license key for 3 drive library , Bydefault 1drive is FREE with backupexec, to install the 2nd drive you need to purchase LEO license and if the third drive is addded you will require another license in total 2 licenses.

3-drives Library requires= 2 LEO licenses.

Incase you want to test the third drive, Just DISABLE one of the drive and recycle BE services so that BE will not give lincense violation for 3 drive.

Hope this answeres your query.

Mark Allen's picture

Thanks... I guessed that this was probably the case. To license the product in this way seems very silly... I could buy a tape drive with 12 slots and only need one license, or as is our case have two drives with 6 slots each and have to pay a further £600 for another license... great. I think I'll find another way round this problem.

Satish Krishnamoorthy's picture

Only in case you are replacing the Tape drive with a Robotic library with more than one drive, you have to purchase the Library Expansion Option.

Otherwise you won't require any license for any number of standalone drives.

One base license will support any number of standalone drives.

In a Robotic Library, one drive will be supported by the Base license. Any additional drive in the Robotic library requires an additional license to be purchased.