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License issue about Agent for VMware

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 07 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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Assume that our environment have 3 x Backup Exec 2012 server, 20 x ESX Servers.

I want to assigned for one Backup Exec act as Central Admin Server. Use 3 x Backup Exec server can backup all VMs stored in ESX Servers and use deduplication technology

I know I need the following licenses must be purchase:

3 x Backup Exec 2012 Server License

1 x Enterprise Server Option

3 x Deduplication Option

But I am not sure how many Agent for VMware need to be purchase.

20 x Agent for VMware / Hyper-V for 3 x Backup Exec Servers?

60 x Agent for VMware / Hyper-V for 3 x Backup Exec Servers?

I know Backup Exec Server can share deduplication storage on Central Admin server to other managed Backup Exec Server.  3x Backup Exec server share one deduplication storage can increase deduplication ratio for storage, minimize the use of disk space.

What is the transport mode of backup between Central Admin server and managed Backup Exec Server using deduplication technology? Through network? Can I configure to use SAN for backup data from managed Backup Exec server to Deduplication storage on Central Admin server?


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For your ESX licences, you need to work out from which server you are going to backup that particular ESX machine.  For example, you have a ESX server, Server1.  If you want to backup Server1 from all 3 media servers, then you need 3 ESX licence, one for each media server.  If you just want to backup Server1 from a particular media server, then you only need to buy a ESX licence for that media server.  You do not need to buy ESX licences for the other 2 media servers.

Communication between the MMS and the CAS is always through the LAN, You cannot share a dedup folder using the SAN.

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Above you have mention 20 ESX server that means you would need 20 Virtual agent licenses and in those ESX server if you want to protect virtual machine on them you dont require any license for same but if you are going to protect the application running on it like Exchange ,SQL ,AD then you would need seperate licesne for same ,So if there are going to be application running on several virtual machine then going for Vray edition would be the right choice ,is priced at per VM socket.  The V-Ray edition allows you to backup as many applications/databases as you want.  This option would be cheaper

Also please check the link for license guide for more details on same



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The user will need to buy a V-Ray edition licence for each media server that wants to backup that particular ESX server.

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About V-Ray edition license, it is counted per occuiped processor socket on the virtual host. What is virtual host? Virtual host is ESX Server ? Backup Exec media server?

Assume our environment have 3 Backup Exec Server and 20 ESX Server, 10 Application Server installed in VM ( 2 x DC, 1 x Exchange Server, 7 x SQL Server) and  each Backup Exec server need deduplication option, how many V-Ray edition license do I need purchase?

Need 3 V-ray edition license only?

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I am clear about the license of V-Ray Edition now. It is counted as the number of CPU socket of ESX Server.