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License Netbackup 7 - Hyper-V Agent

Created: 05 Jul 2010 | 4 comments


we want to implement Netbackup 7 for our Hyper-V host and our virtual machines.
I think I need the Enterprise Edition of NB 7. Is that right?

I want to know, whether I need one License for the Hyer-V Agent, including the VM's or if every VM need his own license.
I find this topic a little bit confusing.

Thanks for help!!!

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Stuart Green's picture

My understanding is that 1 Enterprise Client License is required per hypervisor, that you will  be hosting virtual machines on, and those will then be backed up. So you can backup as many vm's as your hypervisor can run.
Therefore you do not require a license for each vm.

You may also need to consider an additional license for the NetBackup 'Backup Host ' that will be performing the backups to storage.

A standard client license, will be needed if you go down the route of installing the NetBackup client software INSIDE the VM guest OS.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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We recently rolled this out in our environment... The process involved:
Upgrading our Master / Media Server to Enterprise (was Standard)
Purchasing an Enterprise Client License for each node in our MS Failover Cluster

As it was explained to us, this covers us for the "FlashBackup-Windows" backups of Hyper-V as well installing clients on individual guests where needed. 

I'm not sure how it works for Application / Database license.  I'm not sure if there is an "Enterprise" version of it that will cover all guests, or if you need to buy a license for each guest that is running App / DB (SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc). 

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I'm looking at Hyper-V myself, but we are on a capasity based licensing model.  It's Enterprise for the Server, and I see a feature for Snapshot client as being licesned, but I don't see it specifically saying that we have an "Enterprise Client License".

Can you start doing Hyper-V backups, or do I still need an addtional license?

  Feature ID      = 84 SAN Client +
  Feature ID      = 81 Enterprise Vault Agent +
  Feature ID      = 79 Flexible Disk Option +
  Feature ID      = 78 OpenStorage Disk Option +
  Feature ID      = 77 NAS SnapVault Option +
  Feature ID      = 76 Virtual Tape Option +
  Feature ID      = 75 Bare Metal Restore +
  Feature ID      = 74 Encryption +
  Feature ID      = 73 Open File Backup +
  Feature ID      = 71 Remote Client Support +
  Feature ID      = 70 Robotic Library Sharing Support +
  Feature ID      = 69 Remote Media Server Support +
  Feature ID      = 68 Microsoft RSM Robotic Libraries +
  Feature ID      = 67 ADIC DAS/SDLC Robotic Libraries +
  Feature ID      = 66 IBM ATL Robotic Libraries +
  Feature ID      = 65 Fujitsu LMF Robotic Libraries +
  Feature ID      = 64 StorageTek ACS Robotic Libraries +
  Feature ID      = 62 Snapshot Client +
  Feature ID      = 61 MS SharePoint Agent +
  Feature ID      = 58 Inline Tape Copy +
  Feature ID      = 54 Vault +
  Feature ID      = 49 Library Based Tape Drives +
  Feature ID      = 48 Additional Drives/Robotics +
  Feature ID      = 46 DataStore +
  Feature ID      = 43 Encryption (Legacy DES 56-bit) +
  Feature ID      = 42 Encryption (Legacy DES 40-bit) +
  Feature ID      = 40 SAP extension +
  Feature ID      = 39 SQL-Backtrack extension +
  Feature ID      = 38 Sybase extension +
  Feature ID      = 37 Informix extension +
  Feature ID      = 36 Oracle extension +
  Feature ID      = 35 Lotus Notes extension +
  Feature ID      = 34 DB2 extension +
  Feature ID      = 33 MS SQL Server extension +
  Feature ID      = 32 MS Exchange extension +
  Feature ID      = 31 Advanced Reporting Option +
  Feature ID      = 30 Shared Storage Option +
  Feature ID      = 27 NDMP +
  Feature ID      = 22 Additional clients +
  Feature ID      = 20 Base NetBackup +

- SJ Hollist

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As far as I know, Capacity licensing allow deploying whatever number of Clients (either standard or Enterprise). This mean you can backup virtual machines without adding additionnal licenses (As enterprise Client allows backing up Virtual machines).

I'm pretty sure you already got answer elsewhere as this post is quite old. Whatever, this could be helpfull for other asking same.