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license for VTL (Virtual Tape Library)

Created: 25 Apr 2014 | 11 comments


I have HP D2D device and I want to create many libraries with many tape drives inside it (4 libraries with at least 2 two tape drives each)

so do I need VTL license for that? and how many drive does a one VTL license support?

also is VTL License included inside ENTERPRISE SERVER OPTION License or not?

one more question, what does Maintenace license provide ?

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ZeRoC00L's picture

VTL license supports unlimited virtual tape drives.

Does not include the Enterprise Option.

And maintenance means you can contact support and are able to upgrade to the latested avaible version.
If a new version is released, you can upgrade to this version without any extra costs.

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so I need at least one VTL license right ?

and is VTL license included in any other license or it is a seperate one ?

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Yes, you need one VTL. As far as I know it is not included in any other license.

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If you want 4 VTLs, then I think you need 4 licenses.

About the Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option

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No, only 1 per device. The topic starter has only 1 HP D2D device.

See the BE licensing guide: (page 7)

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@Moustafa Mohammed - You should check with the Symantec Licencing Department which is the final authority on licencing matters.

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do you know how much does this license approximately cost as i need to make an order for it and must know that

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also I have one HP D2D device with 4 Libraries, how many license do I need then to have 2 drives in each library ?

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Check my link above, only 1 VTL license is required PER DEVICE, you only have 1 HP D2D device !

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Nobody here works for the licensing department. you either need to contact them directly or a reseller for a price.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Just as an aside, why do you want to use the device as a VTL?  Wouldn't it be better to use it as a disk?  It is easier to manage disk media and you would not need any VTL licences.