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Created: 02 Nov 2007 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
My SMS for SMTP v5.0.1 Licenses is as follows:
Antivirus Filtering  Not Licensed
Antivirus Content  Licensed
Antispam  Not Licensed
How many different types of licenses are there? I have the following (taken from our Symantec electronic license):
Part Code: 10754338
SYMC Antivirus Enterprise Edition 10.1 Node Essential-12 months Express Band C
I thought that covers everything (AV filtering, spam filtering etc). My other question is: what's the difference between AV filtering and AV content?

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Do you have an additional perpetual AV license?  The AV Filtering license is a perpetual license for all AV customers.  The AV Content license is a subscription license for definition updates.  Your license does also cover "basic antispam", which is not show in the licenses view as it is part of Antivirus Filtering and Antivirus Content.  The Antispam license is for Premium Antispam, which is the industry leading AS solution from Symantec powered by the Brightmail Antispam Engine. 
Please try deleting the AV license from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Licenses and registered the license.  If the problem persist, please contact your Symantec sales rep or Technical Support to obtain a valid license file.
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I called Symantec licensing (or tech?) support. They walked me through getting an SLF file. AV filtering is now enabled.