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Licensing 3.XX

Created: 26 Jul 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 1 comment
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Hey there,
We'd started a test cycle on LiveState 3.XX back around last October or so and were fairly pleased with the product and decided to go with it. However due to some budgetary issues it's gotten to be now where we are ready to purchase. However, in the meantime Symantec has released both Version 6.0 and now renamed the product and released version 6.5 which has dropped support for NT 4.0. We are MOSTLY a 2000/2003 shop however out of 50 systems we still have 2 that will have to stay NT 4.0 for the forseeable future.
Does Symantec Allow Downgrade rights to the older version? As we've never purchased a copy of version 3.XX I dont have a key that I could even think about using to activate 3.XX. I'd hate to have to look at another product such as Acronis TrueImage just to pick up these last 2 systems, but I also dont want to support two solutions which basically accomplish the same goal. I could live without there being tech support, but these systems are critical enough that I want them protected until we replace them (after the apps have been rewritten) around Q3 next year.

Clif Godfrey

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I do not believe that you can Purchase the version 3.X from Symantec. Once the newest version is released, that is about it. One of the sales reps might be able to get you set up with a version, but no support on it.