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Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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Dear Experts,

I am really confused with Symnatec Licensing for Backup Exec 2012, hence I will give you guys a scenario and you tell

me how many licenses do I need to buy.

Say I have 10 servers that I want to Backup,

I have 1 Exchange + 1 Active Directory + 2 MS-SQL + 1 Oracle Server, and 5 windows servers,

now I want to Backup C drive,System State for all the servers along with the databases and application.

from what I understand I need

10 Agent for windows,

5 Agent for application and databases

1 License for Core product.

but someone is telling me that, if I buy agent for application and database I don't need agent for windows anymore for that server.

please help me.

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Your friend is partly correct in that you dont need to purchase the agent for windows as 1 is included with the purchase of the Agent for app. and databases. You would ofcourse need to have the agent present on the machine hosting the resource for B.E. to communicate to it. You would need to only purchase 5 A.W.S. licenses. View page 9 of the licensing guide. 

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I hope this posting was helpful