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Licensing options of Symantec Scan Engine

Created: 05 Sep 2012 | 1 comment

Hi Folks,

I would like to know the licensing details of Symantec Scan Engine.

I read from the following URL that:

Symantec Scan Engine is licensed on a per- user or a per-server basis, depending how the customer usage. The license by user is for customers who regularly scan files for a set of users. The license by server is for customers who regularly have files coming through a web server from arbitrary users.

So, we believe that we can purchase Symantec Scan Engine based on number of developers/users in development environment of our project. No matter the users are connected via ICAP calls from hardware appliances or via Symantec Scan Engine Java API.

Is it right? Or we really need to purchase per-server basis license. Since we have quite a lot of devices/servers planned to use Symantec Scan Engine but with a few users. Per-server basis license seems too expensive and outside our budget.

Also, we are only using for development or integration purpose. Any development or non-production license?

Any formal licensing guideline and suggestion?  Thanks.

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Most Symantec products including Scan Engine are typically sold as a per user basis not per server. Some companies maybe geographically spread out requiring multiple servers/installations of various products to provide protection as well as other reasons there maybe need to use multiple installs to provide protection for the same number of users.

I would suggest contating your sales rep to discuss the pricing of the scan engine and licening details.