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Licensing question after upgrading to BE2012

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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I have upgraded our BE2010 to BE2012 and I have this machine backup situation (in previusly product version I don't any doubt): 

- 1 BE2012 Console Admin installed on File server (we can call it Srv1) (Win2008StdEd): on this server there are a lot of share's used by users to store their and job files so I need to backup it. This server is connected to single tape library Dell Power Vault 114x (LTO4) (we bought only licence for BE2012 but not BE Remote Agent for this Windows Server)

- 1 server called Srv2 with WinSrv2008 where I have installed BE Remote Agent for Windows Server to backup it (we bought 1 Agent for Windows server)

- 2 NAS (Buffalo LinkStation LS-WTGL/R1-W3 not BE Agent compliant) used to store technical files so I need to backup it and 1 of them is used to store temporary duplicated backup job

- 10 PC with XP SP3 or W7 32/63bit: with BE2010 no licence required so I installed BE Remote Agent for Windows Server to backup a shared directory. Upgrading BE2010 to 2012 I upgraded it to BE Remote Agent for Windows Server 2012.

Checking this configuration with Symantec Backup Exec License Assessment Tool Report tell me I need a BE Remote Agent for Windows Server license for:

- 2 NAS (but I cannot install on it)

- 1 server Srv2

- 2 for 2 PC with Windows XP SP3

- 2 for 2 PC with Windows 7 (1 32bit, 1 64bit)

I need to contact Symantec support for this situation?

Thanks in advance.


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You will require the following:

1 Backup Exec Product License (core license)... this will protect the SRV server too

2 Remote Agent for Windows to protect Win 7 machines

2 NDMP servers if you want to backup the complete NAS server. If just Shares needs to be backed up then no need for this License.

You do not need any license for backing Win XP machines.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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You will need the following licences.

1 BE core licence for Srv1.  This includes a remote agent licence for backing up Srv1

Remote agent licence

- Srv2 - 1

- Win7 - 2

- NAS - 2.  You don't need NDMP licences if you are not going to use the NDMP option.  You still need a remote agent licence  even if you cannot install the remote agent on the NAS.

Count the number of remote agent licences that you already have and buy the missing licences.

Do confirm any licencing requirementss with Symantec Licencing as they are the final authority on licencing matters.

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Thanks for your support, I will confirm our license requirments with Symantec Licensing!