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Licensing servers with multiple roles

Created: 10 Apr 2013 • Updated: 17 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
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I everyone,

I´me having a hard time understanding how license works, for example:

- Will need 2x Agent for Applications and databases to suport for example Exchange and SQL Server on the same server? 

- Will need 2x Agent for Applications and databases to suport SQL Server 2005 and 2008 on the same server? 

- If I buy a Agent for Applications and databases for Sharepoint will it support the SQL Server Database installed locally (express or standard)? If true does the Database have to be used exclusevly for Sharepoint.

Thanks for your time


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1. 2 agents to support Exchange and SQL;

2. Nope, 1 agent for SQL will cover as many SQL instances as you have on the 1 server;

3. Not too sure on this 1, but I assume that with it being an SQL license, the above license will support it. either way you'd still need the SharePoint license.

You can also refer to the TN below, and for final authority on licensing, the Symantec licensing department will be able to confirm your requirements if you so require...


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Thank you for your awnser CraigV.

If I understood correctly I´ll need an Agent for Applications and databases for each different service I have on each machine.

For example Exchange, SQL Server Standard 2005 + SQL Server Standard 2008 and Sharepoint on the same machine, I would need 3 agents not 4. Correct?

I understand that if I install SQL Server independently from Sharepoint i´ll need an additional license but will I need 2 agents for a single server Sharepoint installation (1 for SQL Server Express + 1 for Sharepoint)?  



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Yes, from what I know. As said, you can confirm this with the licensing department if need-be.

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Hi again,

I´ve tried sending an email to the licensing dept. who very nicely told me to talk to a partner. The partner I asked for information very promptly replied my email with the pdf for licensing and a quote for each agent and Media server, citing the "per application/database instance" and therefore telling me I would need 2 agents for my Sharepoint Dedicated Server.

I´m going to be very honest guys, maybe I´m very dumb or maybe its my english but I don´t seem to get it.Maybe if I ask the other way around I might understand it.

Isn´t Sharepoint just a bunch of files in a directory (IIS) and a SQL Server database? If so, wouldn´t just a single Agent for Applications and databases applied to SQL server cover my single Sharepoint server?

Thanks for your time

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Actually no :)

The biggest difference is you can't perform GRT recovery of Sharepoint items (such as lists, documents etc) when backing up the Sharepoint dBs via SQL agent.

Secondly, when you use the SQL agent, you back just the Sharepoint databases, but not other info such as index files.

Thirdly, it would not be a consistent backup per se, since when you restore using the Sharepoint agent, you establish automatically a connection between databases & websites but not when using the SQL agent.

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Thanks for your reply VJware,

Understood, although I find it a bit hard to swallow.

  • Single Server Sharepoint installations will always need 2 x Agent for Application.

Thanks to all who contributed