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Limit how many computers someone can run a task on

Created: 26 Apr 2012 | 3 comments

Hi Folks

We are in the process of migrating from DS 6.9 to SMP 7.1

In 6.9 you can configure how many computers a user can run a job against at a time.  Does anyone know if the same is possible within SMP 7.1?  I dont want anyone accidentally running a job on thousands of computers and causing untold havoc,

Thanks in advance


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schuelec's picture

Hi Kevin,

Just wondering if you were ever able to accomplish this?. I have basically the same scenario except, we actually had someone do a massive push on accident. Upper management is not happy and they want this kind of limitation imposed. 



Kev Gray's picture

Hi Chris

I haven't unfortunatley.  If you get somewhere with it let me know, I'm dreading the day when someone accidentally runs a task on every computer that causes havoc.



schuelec's picture


Thanks for the reply. I spoke with symantec about this. They don't have a way to enforce how many machines a given tech can push a job to at one time. If they have access to the console, and that user/role is able to push software to 5000 machines. Then that role can schedule against all of them at once if they wanted.  Essesntially, that is how it is intended to work.  They recomended setting up groups and break the access up. So essentially different tech's have access to different groups of pc's and no one tech would have access to all, short of the Admins.  For our environment specifically that will not work. They also recommended setting up AD software groups, and managing the software installs via AD. So basically if a user needs office installed, the tech would get the pc name, add that pc to the "approved office 2007 users" group and then wait for an AD sync.  Office would get installed via a policy applied to that group.  We could do that, but one reason we bought Altiris was so we wouldn't have to use AD to manage software distrobution.  So we are still working on some kind of solution or work around.