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limit storage pools to one at a time

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

I have my bakcup jobs during the week goign to two different disk drive arrays.  I want to limit my backup server to only run one job at a time to the storeage pool.  I can do that with each individual disj drive array but not to the storage pool.  is there a way to do this?  Myb issue is that BE 2012 will run mutiple jobs at once and that brings my whole throughput down drastically. If there is no way of doing this would the job run faster if i used differnet NICs for the jobs?  Thanks.  

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Unfortunately, no.  There is no way to restrict the number of jobs on a device pool level.  As long as the disks in the pool is available and there are jobs targeted to the pool, they will run.  Of course, you can restrict the number of concurrent jobs for each disk storage.

There are a lot of other factors which determine the speed of your jobs, not just the NIC's.  You would just have to experiment to get the best workload.  It might be that running your jobs serially provides the best throughput.