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Link in email direct to Incident

Created: 27 Mar 2014 • Updated: 04 Apr 2014 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm fairly new to workflow (7.5). I'm having an issue that is most likely fairly simple, but I can't get past it with my simple mind. :)

I'm setting up a workflow that is going to send out an email based on comments being added. How do I add a clickable link that takes you directly to the incident from within the Send Email component in the workflow? It's easy enough to get the incident # listed. I tried using the HTML that I use in email templates from within ServiceDesk 7.5 Automation Rules.


But that dosnt work.It just loads the main Process Viewer page. When fired from Automation Rules templates it takes you right to the ticket. Obviously not the oly thing I have tried. Been throwing the book at it. Tried the sugestions here

Thanks in advance if you can help!

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hello bleggett - here is how i'm creating a link in my forms.  it should work the same way in emails.

<a href="[ProfileProperties].service_desk_settings_process_manager_url]/Portal/Template66_33.aspx?PageID=e21769a7-b6fb-4725-8963-7752d33feb88&ReportSessionID=[__Create__from_MyGroupsServiceRequestsResult.session_id]&notabs=1" target="_blank">[__Create__from_MyGroupsServiceRequestsResult.IncidentID]</a>

What this probably translates to for you is:


Let me know if you need help formatting the link for your specific purpose.

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That should work as that's the string that I put in my correspondance email. See below for the full HTML for that link or you can try copy and pasting it in your email template after hitting the html tab.

<a href="http://servername/ProcessManager/Reports/OpenProcess.aspx?ReportSessionID=${WorkflowTrackingId}">${ProcessId}</a>

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Thanks for the tips guys!

Aryanos, That is the same language I utilize in the email templates in Process Automation from within ServiceDesk, which works just fine from there. When I try your suggested link it sends me to the main process view page, not to the incident. WFpic4.jpg

africo, this is what is returned when I try yours.


In WF 7.0 you could select a ProcessViewLink and it was entered as below.

<A id=5a1a8875-3030-49ae-a338-5dcbfa1786e4 contentEditable=true
href="mergefield://5a1a8875-3030-49ae-a338-5dcbfa1786e4/" unselectable="off"

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Hi bleggett - try this:

Go to Admin -> Portal -> Manage Pages

Expand (on the left) Process View Pages

Click the process view you want, probably SD Incident View or something similar (I'm looking at 7.5)

Click "Edit Page" on the right

Click "Advanced" at the top of the popup window

Try using the Page ID you find there in the place of the one I provided in my last response.

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africo, got the same basic error, it just changed the message to this.

Could not find [PagePersonalizationData] where [PageID] Equal [EE590E15-4B65-422D-9CEB-A6B75CD9E4F9feb88]

With EE590E15-4B65-422D-9CEB-A6B75CD9E4F9feb88 being the Page ID I collected from your instructions


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Try the "Full Process View" page ID instead.  Mine loaded in fine when i tried it like this:


Of course, because i provided no tracking ID, no ticket data populated in the form.  

Really all you're doing is matching the template layout and pageID to what you find in your Pages admin section.  Try different Process View pages until you find the one you want, or one that works.

Template: "Admin->Portal->Manage Pages->Process View Pages->Full Process View"  and find the entry for "Template Page".  This is the piece of your URL that looks like "/Portal/Template66_33.aspx".

PageID: "Admin->Portal->Manage Pages->Process View Pages->Full Process View->Edit Page->Advanced->Page ID" field.

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With much thanks to africo for the off-line help on showing me how to do this, here is the solution he helped me arrive at.

  • Admin>Portal>Master Pages. Go to Process View Pages>SD Incident View
    • Get the Template Page info: /Portal/Template66_33.aspx
  • Edit Page> Advanced tab>Get the Page ID
    • EE590E15-4B65-422D-9CEB-A6B75CD9E4F9
  • Build url
  • Add a Merge Text Component before the Send Email Component
  • Edit the Merge Text Component
  • Open the Send Email Component
  • Click the ellipse by HTML Content
  • Select Variable Web Link from the drop down
  • Scroll down and find the TicketURL you created earlier in the Merge Text Component
  • Drag it where you want it in the email
  • Highlight it
    • Change the Link Text to whatever you want