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Linux Client Install

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Trying to install Linux Client (64-bit OEL 5.0) and don't know which file I should download.

I have very little experience with Linux so confused as to what the different file names mean. Could someone help me understand what the LinuxS and LinuxR means as well as what zLinux signifies

Which of the 4 choices shoud I download for my needs? Thanks in advance!





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Marianne's picture

None of those. All of them are for Servers.

You need the Client software. It includes sofware for all Unix/Linux clients.

I don't have access to actual file names right now, but they should be something like:


There will also be a text file telling you how to merge and extract the software.

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close; they are




oh, and LinuxR is for RedHat servers, LinuxS is for SuSE servers, and zLinux is for IBM z series machines.

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You need the NetBackup_7.5_CLIENTS_tar-gz, as already pointed out.

NetBackup_7.5_AIX64.tar.gz - AIX 64 bit Server
NetBackup_7.5_CLIENTS_tar-gz - All Unix (and Linux) Clients
NetBackup_7.5_HPIA.tar.gz - HPIA64 Server
NetBackup_7.5_HP_RISC64.tar.gz - HP RISC 64bit Server
NetBackup_7.5_LU_tar - NetBackup 7.5 Live Update packages
NetBackup_7.5_LinuxR_x86_64.tar.gz - Linux Redhat x86_64 Server
NetBackup_7.5_LinuxS_x86_64.tar.gz - Linux SuSE x86_64 Server
NetBackup_7.5_Solaris_Sparc64.tar.gz - Solaris Sparc64 Server
NetBackup_7.5_Solaris_x86.tar.gz - Solaris x86-64 Server
NetBackup_7.5_Win_zip - Windows x86 & X64 Servers and Clients
NetBackup_7.5_zLinuxR.tar.gz - Linux Redhat x86_64 Server on IBM System z
NetBackup_7.5_zLinuxS.tar.gz - Linux SuSE x86_64 Server on IBM System z - OpenVMS Client

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The client selection is "Linux,RedHat2.6.18" according to the O/S Compatibility List (page 53, I think - SymWISE isn't up at the moment, but eventually this link WILL work again!

NetBackup (tm) 7.x Operating System Compatibility List (Updated February 8, 2013)

(and don't tell anybody, but I am pretty sure that also means you could get that client off the NetBackup_7.5_LinuxR_x86_64.tar.gz release if you really had to - of course, I could be totally wrong) | APPLBN | 761LBN

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There is no option to install client only when using Server installation download.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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I wish Symantec would produce a client for each Linux/Unix variation.  When you have a environment where the master and media server are windows its painful when you have 100s of linux servers to either update or add to NBU.

The only way I have found is to create test linux master and use that to push the client bundle out to linux client and capture that bundle when its in /tmp on the client.  From there use that bundle as a client bundle for my other linux servers.