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Linux VMs on Hyper-V go into saved state with installed RALUS and Hyper-V integration services

Created: 26 Aug 2013 | 4 comments


we have a Failover cluster (two Win 2008R2 nodes) running multiple VMs, some of them Linux (ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04). BE2012 SP2 is running on another server (also 2008R2) and backups to a deduplication storage on local harddrives. All guest (linux and windows) in the failover cluster have the BE agents installed (ubuntu 12.04 with the patch for kernels >=3). The credentials are set correctly per-VM in the Virtual Machines selection list and I can browse the file system when directly connecting to the linux VM.

The Integration services ( are activated and are running during backup.

Still the linux VMs (but not the windows VMs) go into saved state. A symantec employee states here ( that the "VM should not be affected".

What do we have to do that also the linux machines don't go into saved state?

And another thing about which we were wondering: while GRT is supported when backing up directly a linux VM, it is not possible when backing up the same machine over the Hyper-V agent. Why does GRT not work on linux VMs with installed agent while it works on windows VMs? (credentials are set correctly, we can telnet 10082, 100102, both server and client have DNS entries in the local DNS, etc).

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Ubuntu 11.04 is the latest officially supported version. Have you selected these machines in a GRT enabled backup job. As a sugestion, try to create a seperate job to backup the Linux VMs which has GRT disabled and the Advanced Open File settings on this job are turned off.

GRT is a functionality only available for supported Windows Operating System and has not been designed to be used on Linux (This will certainly not work).

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Thank jou Jay for clarification concerning GRT on linux and how to prevent job exceptions.

Do you know whether it is possible to prevent linux machines (10.04 or 11.04) to go into saved state when backed up via the hyper-v agent?

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Verbatim from Admin Guide ~

To run an online backup, the following requirements must be met:
¦ Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2003 SP2/Vista SP1/XP SP3 is installed on
the virtual machine.
¦ Hyper-V Integration Services with Backup (Volume snapshot) is installed.
¦ The virtual machine is in a running state.
If these conditions are not met, the virtual machine is placed in a saved state if it is running.


This is expected behavior for any other backup app as well including Windows Server Backup.

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To add to what VJware has posted -

Also, have you confirmed in Hyper-V documentation if the version of Linux/Ubuntu you are using is a supported OS. Check this MS technote