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Lion: File Vault full disk encryption

Created: 02 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

I read that the new upcoming OS X Lion will be able to full disk encryption same as PGP WDE does.

The link shows the pictures.

It's looks like a really rumor. 

Anyone knows if its true?

And the specs from this new File Vault is so good as PGP WDE?

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r_c's picture


Sounds great, and one must assume it will work with OSX updates from the starting block with no issues.

I wonder if you could layer PGP WDE on top of it as well. But would you want/need too?

Either way this should be much needed competition for PGP on the mac.

dfinkelstein's picture

It's too early to know how good the full-disk version of filevault will be, or what issues or limitations it will have (e.g. with regards to recovery, management, etc.).  You wouldn't want (or probably even be able) to layer it with PGP WDE, but there is value in layering full disk encryption with virtual disk and file-based encryption.


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D

r_c's picture

Interesting point thanks David.

Time will tell! I do genuinly hope Symantec offer somthing more to justify the product in light of this. The source code availability is one plus you have already.