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List All Computer Resources / Asset and owner

Created: 12 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

How can I run a report that list all Computer Resources Asset and the Owner. 


I have this, but all I ma getting is a Guid.  I need an actual usable name...


DECLARE @v1_TrusteeScope nvarchar(155)
   SET @v1_TrusteeScope = N'{2E1F478A-4986-4223-9D1E-B5920A63AB41},{582029E2-FC5B-4717-8808-B80D6EF0FD67},{B760E9A9-E4DB-404C-A93F-AEA51754AA4F},{ED6E7E4B-4DF3-45A9-AB8E-D28371144C24}'
   [vri2_Computer].[Guid] AS [_ItemGuid],
   [dca4_AeX AC Identification].[Hardware Serial Number],
   [dca4_AeX AC Identification].[Name] AS [Name1],
   [dca3_Ownership Details].[Owner]
   [vRM_Computer_Item] AS [vri2_Computer]
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_Ownership_Details] AS [dca3_Ownership Details]
         ON ([vri2_Computer].[Guid] = [dca3_Ownership Details].[_ResourceGuid])
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_AeX_AC_Identification] AS [dca4_AeX AC Identification]
         ON ([vri2_Computer].[Guid] = [dca4_AeX AC Identification].[_ResourceGuid])
      ([vri2_Computer].[Guid] IN (SELECT [ResourceGuid] FROM [ScopeMembership] WHERE [ScopeCollectionGuid] IN (SELECT [ScopeCollectionGuid] FROM dbo.fnGetTrusteeScopeCollections(@v1_TrusteeScope))))

Operating Systems:

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luke.s's picture


Hi The_yeti,
In the above posted query you´re searching computer name twice and both are in a red section:
So if you need the computer name, your query is already bringing this information. Could you please  provide more details about the info you're needing add in this query?
Fábio Sanches

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Fábio Sanches
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