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List .DR files and backups sets on Simple Disaster Recovery

Created: 26 May 2014 • Updated: 18 Jun 2014 | 1 comment
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Hello everyone,

I have a concern at restoring a server that has crashed. I have the .DR files that were generated after the full backup of the server  before his breakdown. The problem that I encounter is that when I'm in front of "Which backups sets do you want to use to recover the computer" window after typing the name of my Backup Exec server, domain, user and password. SDR does not show me the complete list of backup sets to specific instants server backup, I have a part that is displayed. Butinstead of if it, if I restore by the option from the "The data is locally attached devices Located on to this computer" window, I click next, I find the corresponding .DR files with all the jobs.

So my question is: why SDR does not show me all sets when I choose to restore from data on a Backup Exec server? Is there any option to activate on Backup Exec or anything else to have all the sets and do the recovery

If anyone knows a fix for this please let me know.

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If the backup exec server still exists and you are trying to use SDR with a remote server then the SDR process actually uses the catalogs on the media server and not the .DR files. If you truncate the catalogs early or DLM activity has taken place to expire the media (on disk) and therefore the catalogs, then the wizrad will only show what the catalogs still have.

The .DR files are intended to be used where something has affected the whole environment including the backup server or where you can locally attach the backup sets (tape , USB disk etc) onto the hardware that you are recovering onto. 

This is a change to how .DR files were used with IDR (BE 2010 R3 and earlier)