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List of files in diff backup

Created: 14 Nov 2013 • Updated: 17 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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Is it possible to "export" a list of all files (incl path) that were part of a diff backup?

We are using BE 2010 R3 and our nightly backups of our file server has increased (both in time and size) a lot over the last month and I'ld like to check what files are included in each backup to verify that everything is ok.

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You can turn on more details in your joblog.  Go to Tools ---> Options ----> Job Logs to do so.  Beware that this is a global setting and all jobs will follow the detailed setting.  Make sure you have plenty of disk space on your C: drive.

Alternatively, you can use CatTools to dump out the catalog after the job is done.

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I need to check historical backups.

Already looked at the CatTools, but I have about 10 .fh files each date, don't know how to associate them with each server-backup.

I'm looking for a tool (if there is any) where I can browse my servers and backups (similar to when doing restore), select one and export the file names that were included in that backup. Then manually looking at the list of files to figure out why the backups have started being so big.

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There is no such tool as you described.

As for the catalogs, note the date and time the files are created and match them to the date and time of your jobs.