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List files that has been backed up

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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Hi Guys,

Is there a way for Netbackup 7 to create reports that contain a list of the actual files it has backed up per policy? Basically, we have a critical fileserver that we backup daily/weekly. This fileserver is heavily used everyday and fresh data comes in and out frequently. I need a report or at least a listing of files it actually backed up for a particular time/day. To ensure that a particular file/folder was indeed backed up.

Is this possible?

Please advise.


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OpsCenter may do an actual report,but certainly you can use commands.

The example in the TN was on Unix, if using a policy type other than standard then you need to specify this with the -t option

-t policy_type

Specifies one of the following numbers that correspond to the policy type. The default is 0 for all clients except Windows, where the default is 13.

0 = Standard

4 = Oracle

6 = Informix-On-BAR

7 = Sybase

8 = MS-SharePoint

10 = NetWare

13 = MS-Windows

14 = OS/2

15 = MS-SQL-Server

16 = MS-Exchange-Server

19 = NDMP

35 = NBU-Catalog

The following policy types apply only to NetBackup Enterprise Server.

11 = DataTools-SQL-BackTrack

17 = SAP

18 = DB2

20 = FlashBackup

21 = Split-Mirror

22 = AFS

25 = Lotus Notes

39 = Enterprise-Vault

The bpflist command is undocumented, so go with bplist - both are similar.

The commands can be cery difficult to get to work, so yo may have to refer to the manuals to get exactly what you want.

Personally I never bother with these commands and I just use cat_convert command on the .f catalog file, it's quicker.

Other option, is just to browse the files in the bar gui - all these options I mentioned are doing exactly the same thing, that is, 'looking' in the .f file.


Regards,  Martin
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