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List Lookup fields no longer connected to lookup list after restore

Created: 21 May 2010


We just set up a test SharePoint 2007 site. We created a simple new site using the Blank Site template. It was populated with a document library, a picture library, and two lists (named Master and Lookup respectively). One of the fields in the Master list was a lookup to a field in the Lookup list.

A full backup of the server was made after it was added as a server farm in BE 2010. The site was deleted, and a restore of the site in question was made.

It all went surprisingly well. The default.aspx page looked right, including all web parts placed there. All the lists and document/picture libraries were restored successfully.

BUT I had these issues - Can anyone help?:

  1. The document and picture libraries no longer showed up in the Quick Launch on the left side. Was quickly corrected though in the Site Settings, but a bit odd.
  2. The Lookup field in the Master list was no longer connected to the Lookup list field.

It is a fairly critical thing that lookups work after a restore. SharePoint does not allow you to "re-connect". Only option is to delete the field and create a new lookup, resulting in all values being lost. I suspect it is because both List and Field ID's are new after the restore, thus breaking the lookup link inside SharePoint.

Best regards, Jan12345