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Listing of primary images that are copy 2

Created: 16 Sep 2013 • Updated: 16 Sep 2013 | 2 comments
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Hey all,

We have a situation where an admin at another site expired a number of tapes, which contained primary copies of multi-copy archives.

This has forced a number of secondary (copy 2, offsite) images to become the primary copy.

I need to recover from this (or rather inform them how to, after a serious berating), so I need to identify what images exist in the catalog that are copy 2, but are also primary copy.  From that I can then generate the approriate image duplication calls to get us back to having redudant copies of these archives.

I'm not finding anything in the NBU GUI or command line that will spit out the list of images with both of these fields - the Images on Media report in the GUI is close, but doesn't denote if an image is primary copy or not.

I'm guessing I will probably have to script something together to extract this info, but was hoping a one-liner would emit this list for me somehow.

Any ideas?

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you can do this from GUI--> catalog

provide the any search feilds you what like client name , policy name, data range...etc... if you wnat

and make sure the copy number is  set to Primary copy and click on serach now....

in the below results window of catalogs... you can find the tab called copy number which will list the copy number is 1 or 2 or 3 ... and also tab called primary copy YES|No.

you can copy this info and make use of it.

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Perfect!  That did the trick - thank you very much!