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Listing robot control hosts to robot number & media type - a better way ?

Created: 03 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

There must be a  better way than this to get a list that has media type, robot control host and robot number.

nbemmcmd -listmedia -allrecords |\
     awk ' /^Media Type:/            { printf"\n%s ",$3 }
             /^Robot Control Host:/ { printf"%s ",$4 }
             /^Robot Number:/        { printf"%s",$3 }
             ' |  sort -u -k 3

There should be a  simple command to get all the defined robot info from any media server?

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sazz.'s picture

You get all this easily from GUI.

If you try tpconfig -d it will give the robot control host and emm server with all the drive details

Currently defined robotics are:
  TLD(0)     robot control host = staop2014.usa.xl
  TLD(1)     robot control host = staop2014.usa.xl
  TLD(2)     robot control host = staop2012.usa.xl
  TLD(3)     SCSI coordinates = {3,0,7,0}

EMM Server = xxxxx

On the controlled host you can try SCAN to get the details as well.

Jim-90's picture

Thanks but I wanted to do this from a media server that only has disk STUs defined  i.e tpconfig doesn't work on that box.    The box that I run that script on is a unix box all the tape STUs are on windows  servers (not my preferred platform for scripts).

mph999's picture

There is ...

Run the available_media script in .../netbackup/bin/support


media   media   robot   robot   robot   side/   ret    size     status/
 ID     type    type      #     slot    face    level  KBytes    multiplexed
CatalogBackup pool
DataStore pool
NetBackup pool
E01003  HCART   TLD    0      3   -   -          -     AVAILABLE
E01004  HCART   TLD    0      4   -   -          -     AVAILABLE
E01005  HCART   TLD    0      5   -   -          -     AVAILABLE
E01006  HCART   TLD    0      6   -   -          -     AVAILABLE


Regards,  Martin
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