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Live Update not occurring for a few groups

Created: 07 May 2012 | 8 comments

I have SEPM 12.1 installed.  For my clients, I have three different groups.  For the default groups, Live Update is working fine and clients in this group are correctly update.  For the other 2 groups, Live Update does not occur on the clients.  They can manually run LIve  Update on their individual machines and it works fine.  Communication between the management server and the clients in these groups appear to be functioning properly as they are showing the correct policy numbers for the clients.  If I run a manual Live Update on a client then the results of that will show up on the management server.

Rather confusing why the Live Update works on the Default group but no on the other two groups.

Any suggestions?

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Check the LiveUpdate policy (Clients > Policies > LiveUpdate Policy) of the two groups. Did you enable the option "Use the Default management server"? Or did you just enabled "Use a LiveUpdate server"?

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what is the schedule time for LU to trigger on non working groups?

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Use Default Management Server is selected and use a Live Update Server is selected as well.  This is the same on all 3 groups.  The schedule time for LU to trigger is every 4 hours.

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can you check the log.liveupdate and verify if the liveupdate has triggered and tried to download the content?

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What version of SEP 12.1 are you running on all machines?

Could you please Assign the Default Liveupdate Policy from the SEPM > Policies TAB to each group.

Make sure you check all the group / sub groups and then click on Assign.

Once done the  Default Policy is applied check if that resolves.

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Uncheck use Liveupdate server option from the policy. Also whether the problematic clients are present in the Local LAN or it in WAN?

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Hi Twirtz,

According to your previous comments "This is the same on all 3 groups.  The schedule time for LU to trigger is every 4 hours." Does this mean that the Liveupdate Policy is shared and the same for all the 3 groups or the other two groups has a non shared policy.

If they are a non shared policy, you can either assign the defaul LU policy to the 2 groups, or else you can cerate a new LU Policy and assign it to the 2 groups and check if the clients are taking the updates.

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Only if Management server is selected its enough..

Upgrade your SEPMs and clients to SEP 12.1 RU1 MP1

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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