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Live Update not working, no error message

Created: 10 Oct 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments
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I can't figure out why Live Update isn't updating for Norton 360.  It says "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates," but at the main page it says my definitions are not up to date.  I'm not getting any error messages that indicate what exactly the problem is.

I read somewhere that re-installing it is necessary to fix this problem, however I'm not sure if I wish to do so because according to the license, it states that I can install it on two other pc's.  I think it's a bit of a waste to re-install it just for Live Update.  Unless re-installing doesn't count?

Is there a patch or something that specifically fixes this problem?  Or do I have to change my settings?  I have never touched any settings before and it was working.

If I could have help, I'd greatly appreciate it, and I'm sorry for choosing the wrong product if I did.

Thank you in advance.

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       You can try uninstalling and reinstalling only the Live update feature.

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep C Sali

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Search live update not working in google and run the online fix. It fixes the problem. I have done it several times.

Tech from

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I’m using Win Xp and program so far unable to access to Internet Norton update Anitvirus 2009, Google earth and Equest Energy simulation.

Internet Explore work fine, I just can’t get Norton Antivirus to update. I get “Unable to connect to Norton Live update server. Please check your internet connection.”

I use Google earth and that I’m unable to use as well. I use Equest an Energy Simulation and it will not access to it server to run its simulation.

I just know enough about the PC to get by. I believe it is the Proxy setting but then I don’t know. I can surf the Internet fine. I even have the windows Firewall turned off and exception select to the programs. I’m at a lose to what the problem is?

Can anyone help!

I been to other web site that say Norton Virus 2009 is the problem and uninstall it.
I used to use Norton virus years ago, But Norton Virus turned out to be a big resource hog and I found Norton Virus was not getting all the Virus off my laptop and it cost me a lot of money just to fix my laptop and remove over 36 Virus. I decide never to use Norton, until they got their software fix with all the bugs and keeping up with virus out there?

Symantec has been a great product and has kept my PC save from Virus over the years, but it seem that they’re slipping a little.
I’m not a happy camper; it has cost me time and my work money.

Is Norton Virus is looking more and more the issue with my PC not able to use Google Earth and Equest Energy simulation and update Norton Virus.

Has anyone had this same issue?

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Are you having this issue with another browser such as Firefox? Try visiting some other AV sites such as Mcafee, Sophos or Trend Micro. If those are getting blocked then you may be infected.

Check this page and let me know what happens -

BTW, You should try posting this issue in the Norton Forums, this community is for Enterprise support.


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Hi there all,

So I basically have the same problem as Patrick D had, except I run Norton 2006. When I try to run LiveUpdate, it says that "All of the Symantec products and components installed on your computer are currently-up-to-date." However the main page it says my definitions are not up to date. There's no error message or anything, so do you guys know how to fix this? Would I do the same thing as Patrick D, even though I've got 2006? How would I reinstall it?

Thanks a ton,

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You can try reinstalling LiveUpdate. You download LiveUpdate 3.5 for Home & Home Office products from here -

BTW, for Norton issues you need to post the issue in the Norton community,  this forum is for Enterprise product support.