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LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.2 beta testing opportunity

Created: 02 Aug 2012 | 1 comment
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Hi all,

The LUA product team is getting closer to releasing the next version, 2.3.2.

As well as the extensive internal QA we do and ensuring we run the software ourselves within Symantec, we're always keen to get as much real world customer validation and feedback as possible, so we can be as confident as possible in the reliability and quality when we finally release later this year.

If you are interested to test 2.3.2, please contact me direct and I will ensure you get the beta software.

For reference, here is a list of what updates we plan to deliver in this 2.3.2 release:

There are a significant number of updates in this release, but here are some of the main ones to watch out for:

  • Packaged with Apache Tomcat version 7.0.26 and PostgreSQL version 9.1.3.
  • Packaged with JRE 1.7 (private JRE, automatically bundled, installed and configured by the LUA installer).
  • Enhanced security with advanced features to protect the User Interface from certain attacks.
  • Added the ability to modify the LUA download directory path at any time (not just at install time).
  • Product Catalog will now automatically update to ensure catalog changes become available without any user initiated action being required.
  • Daylight savings time changes will now be correctly handled for scheduled tasks.
  • Email notifications can be sent whenever a new LUA version is available, relevant catalog changes occur and as an early warning in advance of large monthly content downloads.
  • Enhanced content purging to ensure it works reliably, even if an external 3rd party source (e.g. robocopy) is also accessing the content.

Many thanks,

Graham Ahearne

LUA product manager.

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There are some key updates in this release- it is one I have been looking forward to for some time.

I highly recommend all LUA enthusiasts in this forum to test this new version and to provide feedback upon it, so that LUA 2.x continue to improve.

With thanks and best regards,