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LiveUpdate Administrator and SEP Versions...

Created: 18 Jun 2013 • Updated: 18 Jun 2013 | 6 comments
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Good morning all,

In our environment I have mostly SEP 12.1.2 clients, and unfortunately, a number SEP 11.0.7 clients that for one reason or another, have not yet been migrated.

I'm running a LiveUpdate Administrator server, specifically v2.3.2.99. On said LUA server I download the following:

    Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0
    Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0 English      
    Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1 RU2
    Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1 RU2 English      
    Symantec Event Collectors 2.0
    Symantec Event Collectors 2.0 English      
    Symantec Network Access Control v11.0
    Symantec Network Access Control v11.0 English      
    Symantec Network Access Control v12.1 RU2

Just as a point of clarification, as long as I have SEP 11 clients in my environment, I need to continue downloading the v11.x SEP and SNAC updates? Just getting the v12 updates won't cover both client versions?

Thanks for any information you can share,


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Yep, you should continue downloading for 11.x as well. 12.1 won't use 11.x content files and vice versa

Basically, 11.x and 12.1 are different products so they should be treated as such.

Helpful KBAs here:

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As usual Brian, you're awesome!!

Thanks amigo...

And thanks to all those who offered their .02 as well.


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Yes  coz 11.x defs are not same as 12.1

Using Symantec Liveupdate Administrator 2.x to cache SEP 12.1 definitions

As SEP 12.1 definitions are not the same as SEP 11, we will need to add SEP 12.1 product catalog into Liveupdate Administrator 2.x items to download lists.

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It should be noted that the definitions for SEP 11.x, SEP 12.1 and SEP 12.1 RU2 are different.

Please check this link below:

If your 11.0.7 clients get the definitions directly from LUA you will need to add the SEP 11.x product on the LUA selected product list and as well include it in both download and distribution. SEP 11.x clients won't be usinig same definitions as SEP 12.1 RU2 clients

For information how to add a product in the LUA please have a look at:

LiveUpdate Administrator: Product Selection Guide

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x: What product selections are needed for specific versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Secondly, just a quick update - 

SONAR and IPS Intelligent updater (IU) are now available on :

NOTE: These SONAR and IPS Intelligent updater are only for SEP 12.1 RU3.

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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"Thumbs up" to the good advice, above.... I do recommend upgrading any remaining SEP 11 clients to 12.1 RU3.  Once SEP 11 is removed, it will greatly reduce the burden placed on the LUA server's resources.

With thanks and best regards,


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Amen to that Mick!! Sadly we have a slew of hosted desktops (VDI) running ThinApps that have lots of issues with Sonar...we're still trying to decide the best path forward. For now those machines are seeing the best performance by staying on SEP 11.x.

Again, thanks to all!