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LiveUpdate & Maintenance Releases, Maintenance Patches, & Point Patches

Created: 25 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
As I understand the SEP 11.x documentation, LiveUpdate within SEP 11.x now updates the SEP 11.x program, itself and scan engine, along with the definitions or virus patterns.  Does this, specifically, include any maintenance releases, maintenance patches, point patches, etc?  As a faithful user of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, I would especially like the ease of use this new functionality would provide for me and my clients.  Do I understand this correctly?  Does SEP 11.x license holders, specifically, those without platinum & gold status, have the ability, by default, to use LiveUpdate, within SEP 11.x, to update the SEP 11.x program, itself, including all maintenance releases, maintenance patches, and point patches?  And, if so, how long of a delay do such users have in downloading these updates, via LiveUpdate, once such updates are released to platinum and gold customers?  Finally, what is the extent to which the program can be updated via LiveUpdate?  I would assume that LiveUpdate would not allow for a major release, say from version 11.x to 12.x; however, will customers be able to update the program from 11.0 to 11.1 or to 11.9, via LiveUpdate?
Thank you.

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Hi Voltron,

Accroding to the settings availbility in the SEP you can even allow SEP clients to gt program updates from the SEPM. Look at the client updates secion under the policy and you'll fidn that option. So all these pathces related to clients and the SEP server will be downloaded to the server first and then distributed to the clients according to thte update intervals.
How long will take will depend on the downloadble files and size.


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Hello, Susantha:
Thank you for your quick response.  Would this also be true when clients are not connected to an SEP Server?  I have several individual clients who are using this product or want to use this product and they will not be connected to an SEP Server; the SEP client will be installed in unmanaged mode.  Yet, I still want their individual clients to be able to install program updates (maintenance releases, maintenance patches, point patches, etc.), via the integrated LiveUpdate application, within SEP 11.x.  In this particular scenario, will these individual clients, in unmanaged mode be able to install the SEP 11.x program updates?
Thank you, Susantha.