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CSP LiveUpdate error

Created: 01 Jul 2013 • Updated: 02 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there.

Has anyone faced an annoying error message when you try to launch the LiveUpdate from the CSP console? The description says that the file cannot be accessed/the system cannot find the path specified (screenshot attached); basic troubleshooting, verify file/folder exists: checked. Although some config files were not in the specified folders I  copied them from another CSP server but not sucessful results. It looks to me that Java has something to do with this, but I haven't figure out exactly how to solve it.

Any input, much much appreciated.


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Couple of thoughts:

  1. Folder/File exists... Have you verified permissions on the file?
  2. Do you have CSP running in prevention mode on your server? Perhaps check the console for events
  3. Could be a java issue, which may be best handled by doing a "refresh" install
  4. Won't solve the issue, but you can always download the latest policy packs from Symantec and import them manually if you are in a time crunch

I haven't run into this particular issue before, but have had problems with LU in the past on other products. Good luck in ferreting this out. Please share back what your eventual solution is!

Chris Tyrrell

Compliance Practice Lead

Conventus Corp

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I have infrequently seen this.  The times I have seen this was because of permission issues.

CSP only updates the policy packs with the Live Update feature, it does not update anything else.

As Chris mentioned, a good workaround is to import the latest policy pack from the install media.  The policy packs are located in the "packs" folder on the install media.

To import a policy pack:

  1. From within the manager go to the policies section and hit the "Import a Policy" button
  2. Navigate to the install media, and select the .zip file that corresponds to the version that you want to import.  Do not import the "Source" policy pack into the manager, just the regular policy pack.
  3. CSP will import all the new policies into the database.  However, it does not actually update the current policies. 
  4. Next, if you want to update your policies with the newest policy pack, it is necessary to then right click each policy (or select multiple policies) and then choose Update Policy, and then choose the version you want to update to.
  5. Reapply the policies to the agents.

If a post helps you, please mark it as the solution to your issue.

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Many thanks for your inputs gents, that's a good workaround. It's true this is not a critical element, however, it's just kind of annoying I cannot get rid fo this error. Regarding the permission issues should I take a look ot modify them in a spcial way? those files/folders haven't been touched since the installation. So, check that no write protection exists and .... something else?

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Quite a common issue.

The way to resolve it is to simply create the missing folder Java LiveUpdate and give it full permissions for the logged in user. Then simply go back to the console and LiveUpdate will then run.

There is a KB about it, however it has not been published externally yet - TECH207296.

This issue usually goes along with the certs folder not created and therefore generating an error at the console logging. Same solution there (create folder in the Console folder + Full permissions for logged in user).

Hope it helps.

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People, many thanks for your help, I just applied the permissions to the folders for the logged in user and that's it.

@Shulk, pretty cool, now I get rid of the "certificate cannot be stored" error message and following the same logic, I just create and gave permissions to the managers.ini file, this is the one that stores the CSP servers displayed in the drop-down box in the login screen. So 3 errors x 1. So happy with this ;)

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Glad to know your issues are now resolved ;)