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LiveUpdate Failed To Register

Created: 10 Mar 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments
Whenever I try to run Tools -> LiveUpdate from the menu, I get a message that says:  "To receive updates, Backup Exec must be registered with LiveUpdate.  To automatically register now, Click Yes.  If you choose not to register now, you will be prompted again when you click LiveUpdate."    Whether I click the Yes or No options, I then get the following error:  "Backup Exec failed to register with LiveUpdate.  Ensure that the latest version of LiveUpdate is installed, and then try again."  Only option at this point is to click OK which exits you from the utility. 
I have used the Symantec AutoFix tool to update LiveUpdate to the latest version ( from the Symantec Website and that did install an updated version but it still fails to fix the issue.  I have used the proxy settings in LiveUpdate and changed various options including turning off proxy at all levels (we do use a third-party proxy for filtering web traffic but it can be bypassed when needed).
I am running Backup Exec 12.0 Rev. 1364 on Windows Server 2008 64bit (version 6.0) Build 6001:  Service Pack 1.  (I know bleeding edge technology being attempted here, but we are putting in a new server and I don't want to do an update down the road on this box especially since the new version is available now to licensing customers and Symantec indicates the BE software is ready on this platform.)
It does not appear to be a trusted sites issue but I have not ruled out the Enhanced Security functionality built into IE as a source of the problem.  I am also not getting any errors or warnings in the event logs.
Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.

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This link got me out of trouble. The Symantec website checks your system and updates it with the latest version of Live Update. After I did this, I was able to update Backup Exec.
Adrian Tavan
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Thanks Adrian.  I appreciate the link.  I had already used the link, but apparently when the update installed it did not install correctly.  I was on the latest version but it was a bad install.  Once I redownloaded and repaired using the site in the link above, the registration error went away.
My next issue was receiving LU1812 errors in LiveUpdate after successfully downloading the updates (they were failing to install).  Finally figured out that you have to run LUALL.EXE with elevated admin rights (run as administrator) from C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\LiveUpdate\.  Once I elevated the rights for LiveUpdate in Windows Server 2008 all the updates installed properly.
I wanted to post the answer so that it might help others if they run into the same issues - Bad LiveUpdate update and then an install permissions issue once a good install of LiveUpdate was running.
Best regards,