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LiveUpdate for Mac - There was an error performing the update

Created: 15 Nov 2013 | 4 comments

While installing/updating file 1 of 2 using LiveUpdate on an Intel iMac running Mavericks, installation failed with the resulting error message "There was an error performing the update".  Then, one started to manually install the virus definitions from Symantec web page .  During the start of the installation process it was indicated that an XCode command line utility was needed to complete the process.  As a result, one clicked on the displayed dialog box Install Xcode button and XCode succesfully installed from Apple's App Store.  After XCode installation, the LiveUpdate process was then successfully performed using the LiveUpdate manager (from menu).  It is strange that the installation of more than 2 GB of Xcode is required for LiveUpdate to function properly.

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Was this from the latest 12.1.4 Mac client?

Was this a self-managed or managed client?

Was this a Mac with a fresh 10.9 Mavericks install or upgraded to 10.9 from an older OSX?

If yes to previous question, was there an older SEP for Mac client installed when the OS was updated?

Inquiring minds want to know!


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The following chronological history is provided in response to Mr. MichaelD50 questions above:

iMac purchased on 5/19/12 with OSX 10.7 pre-installed.
The following Unmanaged SEP Software Components were installed on 5/27/12:
  Symantec Endpoint Protection version 11.0.6300 (current version).
  Symantec Scheduler version 4.03 (current version).
  SymQuickMenu version 2.1.1 (current version).
  SymSecondaryLaunch 4.0.3f9 (current version).
Updated to OSX 10.8 on 7/27/12.
Updated to OSX 10.9 on 10/23/13.
LiveUpdate update error emerged on or between 11/14/13 and 11/15/13.
Xcode version 5.0.2 installed on 11/15/13; LiveUpdate resumed manual and scheduled automatic updates without error.
Hope that helps!
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First, from a broad perspective, it is a best practice to remove any virus protection from a Mac (or a PC) when doing a major OS upgrade. SEP for Mac 11.0.6300 is from 2011, it isn't even 10.8 compatible.

There is only one version of SEP for Mac that is compatible with OSX 10.9 (Mavericks); that is the recently released 12.1.4. There isn't and never will be a SEP 11 for Mac that is 10.9 compatible.

If you download that new version from FileConnect, it will include a SEP Mac removal tool. Run that first, reboot and install the latest 12.1.4

Good luck!


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Wow, thank you for the info!  

Am wondering if there may be a need to remove SEP and reinstall OSX 10.9 since SEP was active during the upgrade?  The only anomalous behavior one has observed is that Time Machine backups to Time Capsule is chronically slower since the OSX 10.9 upgrade.