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LiveUpdate NBU 6.5 to NBU 7.5

Created: 23 Aug 2012 | 8 comments


As part of a migration from NetBackup 6.5 (old hardware/os)  to a new server with Netbackup 7.5, we want to update obviously our client aswell.

My question is: Is it possible to use LiveUpdate in order to update our 6.5.6 client to 7.5 ?

If yes were can we found the liveUpdate formatted package ?

Or did we have to directly install 7.5 client and remove the 6.5.6 ?

Kind Regads,

Gilles Dejeneffe

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Clients appear to be fine from 6.5 and upwards  - you can use live update for major release updates, servers however you cannot.

Check out the liveupdate guide here:

Obviously the clients must still be of a supported O/S to upgrade them

Hope this helps

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Thanks for all that. but i'll a little bit disapointed.

If I follow this guide more precisely those lines :

To download NetBackup release updates or hotfixes to your NetBackup LiveUpdate

1 On your NetBackup LiveUpdate server, log on as the administrator.
2 Open your Internet browser and enter the following address:
3 On the Business Solutions page, in the ProductSupport area, in the Product
Finder field, enter NetBackup Enterprise Server and click >.
4 On the NetBackup Enterprise Server page, in the Common Topics area on
the right side of the page, click Downloads.
5 In the File Types field, select LiveUpdate
6 Select the package that you want to download.
To update any UNIX hosts, you must download all UNIX release update files.
To update Windows hosts, download the appropriate release update files for
your hardware versions.
7 Near the bottom of the page, click Download Now.
I don't find any of these "links". Maybe It came from me, maybe I'm blind.
Did the website change ?
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Should say go to the support pages (a quick way is to just type in - still works!) - go to either NetBackup Enterprise Server (or via All Products A to Z) - then to the Downloads link for what you want - for example the downloads are at

However, 7.5 Itself will need to be downloaded via or via the licensing portal as they never put full major releases on the support site

Hope this helps

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Hi Gilles,

Yes, yes.

Upgrade you servers (master and media) first to 7.5.
Download the the liveupdate formatted package from fileconnect (Netbackup_7.5_LU_ta-gz) three files.
Merge the files using the provided instructions.
Untar the file into the root of your update folder. (I use the IIS method as it works better - you can use this to setup IIS -
Download LU updates and also extract them to the update folder. Allow for similar files to be overwritten.
Now create Liveupdate polices and update the clients.

Let me know if these works for you.

NOTE: The NetBackup LiveUpdate process can now be used to upgrade existing NetBackup
6.5.x or 7.x.x clients to NetBackup 7.5 clients.

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I've been using LiveUpdate since NBU 7.1, an have been able to update my clients with minor releases, but am having trouble with major releases.

OK, so I was able to download the 3 major release package files from FileConnect, merged them together, untarred the file, and placed it in the LiveUpdate root folder. My LiveUpdate server is Windows and the update file is a TAR file. How do Windows clients use a TAR file, which is normally Unix-based? I ran a test of a 7.1 client and it does not see the 7.5 update files.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a different set of major release files for Windows?



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Does anyone have any ideas? Still need this fixed. Thanks!

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I still have no idea how to get this to work. I cannot be the only one using a Windows server for a LiveUpdate server and can't get it to work with the base 7.5 release file.