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LiveUpdate for NetBackup

Created: 23 Mar 2012 • Updated: 07 Apr 2012 | 4 comments
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Anyone succeeded to implement the LiveUpdate feature for NetBackup Clients? I have followed the “Symantec NetBackup LiveUpdate Guide” Release 7.1 and found some discrepancies, but overall the install procedure reports success, as well as the creation of the policy from the console, the job fails with Event 77. Tried multiple techniques and also opened a case with support and working on it.

I’m just curious if anyone is using it successfully to maintain a large NetBackup client fleet up to date using LiveUpdate.

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I recently upgraded our 6.5.* Windows clients to 7.1 manually, then upgraded them to using LiveUpdate.  It does work but required a lot of trial and error, and a lot of googling.  Some of the issues I found:

  • Clients that can be backed up successfully through our firewall could not be upgraded using LiveUpdate.  I had to push the update to them from inside the firewall, then manually run the update for them.
  • The Symantec instructions for setting up the LiveUpdate server are horribly incomplete and resulted in a lot of extra work trying to resolve the type of errors you seem to see, too.  The best help I found was this:
  • Some clients had been upgraded previously by installing from another client, and those seemed to have the most issues.  I usually had to uninstall the 6.x NBU client on them manually from Add/Remove programs, then install the 7.1 client manually, then use LiveUpdate to bring them up to
  • I found quite a few clients that had incorrect reverse DNS lookups, and that sometimes caused LiveUpdate install issues, too.  I had to upgrade those clients manually while waiting to update DNS.
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Thank you for your response Ron! I am glad that you got it to work in your environment. I was beginning to think that no one was using this feature, because as you noticed, the instructions are quite difficult to follow and succeed at the first few attempts. The good news is that you have confirmed that it is possible to get it to work. I will continue researching and working with Symantec’s Engineer to see if we can figure out how to get LiveUpdate to work.

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Thank you so very much for providing this information! It was instrumental for me to get LiveUpdate to work on my environment. And just for general reference, I had been interpreting the instructions by expanding the downloaded files and placing them in the root of the share (or web site) And I was placing one folder per OS downloaded file, but what it needs is the actual content of the extractions at the root level, even though some of the subdirectories will overlap.

I got it to work with a few systems using the \\ServerName\ShareName method, but had problems with some of them having trouble using anonymous authentication. Plus the Security Department is not quite comfortable with these types of shares in the network.

So I “borrowed” an IIS server and still had to adjust the security of the files before everything worked 100% in all the clients, and has been quite stable ever since. And since we have several hundreds of clients I was happy to find a way to add them in bulk using the command line.

Thanks again for sharing your experience! It was very helpful for me! =-)

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We are the way of upgrading our clients to the 7.x versions.

Thanks Ron. I will follow the stpes during the upgradation.

Amarnath Sathishkumar

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