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LiveUpdate still telling us to upgrade to 12.5

Created: 26 Apr 2012 | 1 comment

Some of the offices I support recently made the upgrade from pcAnywhere 11.x to 12.5.4.  It was a smooth transition as best I can tell.

However, when LiveUpdate runs, they are still getting a warning that they need to upgrade to 12.5 because of the source code breach.

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround so that they don't get this warning every day?

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it goes some thing like this.   

"Symanted Live Update has detected that you have an older version of pcAnywhere installed on your system.

Symantec recommends that you upgrade to pcAnywhere 12.5.sp4, which contains important security enhancements.  This upgrade is not installed automatically through LiveUpdate. 

For instructions on how to upgrade, click the following link:  "

 If you don't just click through the message it tells you the answer to your question above I think.      If there is some thing unclear let me know.   The current sp4 build number if you go to help and then about is 12.5.5 build 1086

To locate the instructions on downloading the sp4 version to install follow the instructions on page 7 of the release notes.

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