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LiveUpdate Warning: 1 Remote Agent server patches not up to date

Created: 17 Dec 2013 • Updated: 18 Dec 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In the "active warning messages" pane of my Backup Exec 2012 SP3 (German) I have a warning:

LiveUpdate-Informationen: Es sind 1 Remote Agent-Server vorhanden, deren Patches sich nicht auf dem neuesten Stand befinden. Um die neuesten Patches zu installieren, klicken Sie auf "Extras -> Agenten und Medienserver auf anderen Servern installieren". Klicken Sie dort auf "Import und Export -> Auf diesem Medienserver veröffentlichte Server importieren". Dadurch wird eine Remote-Installationssitzung gestartet, über die sichergestellt wird, dass Ihre Server mit den neuesten vorhandenen Patches aktualisiert sind.


LiveUpdate Information: There is 1 Remote Agent server whose patches are not up to date. To install the latest patches, click on "Extras -> Install Agents and Media servers on other servers". Click there on "Import and Export -> Import servers published on this Media server". This starts a remote installation session which makes sure that your servers are updated with the newest patches present.

Alas, I am unable to follow these instructions.

  • I do not have "Extras" to click on anywhere, so I chose the nearest match, "Installation and Licensing > Install Agents and Backup Exec servers on other servers" from the Backup Exec menu.
  • This opened a new window listing all my clients where the Backup Exec agent is installed, all with the mention: "Currently no updates or upgrades necessary."
  • This window offers actions "add single computer", "add multiple computers with the same settings", "fix error" (greyed out), "Edit", "Delete", and "repeat validation" but no "Import and Export".

How can I find and fix the cause for that warning?


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RahulG's picture

When you install updates on the media server you need to update the remote server you are backing up.

Just try updating the remote agent by re-installing it .

Artegic's picture

Rahul, thanks for your comment.

I did reinstall all remote servers after the last live update via the "Installation and Licensing > Install Agents and Backup Exec servers on other servers" wizard which is now reporting all agents as up to date.

What's more, I have seven remote agents installed but the LiveUpdate warning only says "1 Remote Agent server not up to date".

How can I find out which one of my agents it's complaining about?

Thanks, Tilman

lmosla's picture

Hello Tilman,

In Backup Exec go to the 'Backup and Restore' section, then right click on a column and choose Backup Exec Version.This will add a new column showing the version.   

Hope this helps

Artegic's picture

Hello Imosla,

Thanks a lot. That solved my problem.

It turned out that the Agent was installed on another client which wasn't listed in the "Install Agents and Backup Exec servers" dialog. I guess it was installed locally there, rather than pushed from the backup server. Once I added that client to the "Install Agents and Backup Exec servers" list it promptly showed up as "ready to install 1 update".

Thanks again,