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I have LUA version installed which uploads LiveUpdate def files to a cloud storage area. The storage area is accessible via FTP.

When I run LiveUpdate on a test client, it's looking for a file called which I can confirm is missing from the storage area. Within LUA, I selected only SEP v11 and v12 products. I didn't see a option to select LiveUpdate products.

Did LUA fail somehow, do I have something misconfigured or am I misunderstanding something about LUA?

I don't mind clearing the local and cloud storage areas and restarting. However, I don't want to clear the products I've selected since it took me FOREVER to select them. (Which in my opinion needs to be redesigned)

Lastly, I don't have SEP or the LiveUpdate update client installed on the server that hosts LUA.

Thanks, Steve

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Hi Steve,

Good news: that particular file is missing from your LUA 2.x server by design.  It is also not accessible on Internet LiveUpdate servers, and LUA is a local mirror of what's available on the Internet. 

It is theoretically possible to update the LiveUpdate client itself via LiveUpdate: though it is never really done in practice, the product is designed to always look for those livetris' related to the LU client itself. 

Hope this helps!  &: )


With thanks and best regards,


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Good stuff Mick, "Thumbs Up".  I've always wondered about that myself

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Thanks Mick for the reply.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are saying that LiveUpdate on the SEP client is looking for a LU file to update itself?

If that's correct, then would that prevent LiveUpdate on the client from updating other things like the definition files? LiveUpdate doesn't seem to continue beyond looking for that file.


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Don't forget that the LiveUpdate client is no longer used in SEP12.1, and has been replaced by the LiveUpdate engine.

The file you've identified should be irrelevant to s SEP12.1 Client only install; if it's getting stcuk on that file perhaps you could post the logs?

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Definitely add info about the version of SEP and post the log.liveupdate.  If it is SEP 11, then it looks like the actual content (SESC Virus Definitions Win32 v11, etc etc) is not registered with LiveUpdate.  That can and must be fixed (just repair from the Windows Control Panel is the best way). 

If it is a SEP 12.1 client, then like SMLatCST said: the log.lue will be the place where updates are logged.

The Log.LiveUpdate file is missing or out of date on a Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 client 

Hope this helps! &: )


With thanks and best regards,


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Sorry guys, it seems I had a permissions issue on the FTP site. The folders were set properly, just not the files. Once I provided read permissions to the files as well, it started working.

Thanks to you I was able to figure this out. ;-)

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Glad to assist!  &: )

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With thanks and best regards,