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Loading media - forever...

Created: 07 Feb 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 6 comments

I can stick in a tape, (Sony AITe 260 StorStation ), it'll read the tape and come up with its info. However when the backup process kicks in at night it goes to "loading media" and never continues, no error messages, etc...

I've used Sony diagnostics and not found any problems with the drive so I'm thinking I have a Veritas problem.

I have applied SP1 and a few other patches. I'm ready to uninstall and reinstall the software then apply one patch at a time and test unless someone can provide me with something to try, tweak, change, etc...

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I have the same problem. YOu can backup one time to a new tape and then it sets on loading media and there is no errors. I have even tried to erase the tape and it just sets there.

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Sounds like BE is waiting for the right media to be inserted..
A right media would be a media that is in the mediaset you specified for your job and a media that is overwritable/appendable.
Check Tools -> media -> options for overwriteprotection settings.
A message _should_ appear under "Alerts" no matter what.

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Activity Monitor will show 'Loading media' status when the tape is full and Backup Exec is requesting another tape for backup to continue, or if the tape is overwrite protected.

Pleas make sure the following:
1) Do not move the tapes to media set manually.
2) Let backupexec pick up the media from the SCRATCH media set and move it to a media set automatically.
This error is happening because Backupexec is unable to find any scratch media as well as recycled media.
If its a new media/tape, Just inventory the tape, Once done it should automatically move to scratch media set.

Now, run the backup job.

Latest driver is available here:

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