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Created: 28 Aug 2012 | 1 comment

SMP 7.1 on WinServer 2008 R2

In the Console under Manage > Jobs/Tasks, I am attempting to perform a 'Quick Run' for any of our jobs or tasks.  When I click on the target dropdown in the 'Quick Run Now' box, "Loading more items . . ." appears in the dropdown while it takes five minutes or more for the list of computers to populate.  Once it does populate, it seems as though the computer list is cached and populates relatively quickly for at least the next few minutes.  After that computer list cache expires in a few minutes, the long delay in loading the computer list returns. 

This same behavior can also be seen when attempting to add a target filter to a 'New Schedule' for a Job/Task.  Attempting to populate a list of filters results in the same 'Loading more items . . . " in the dropdown box.  After about five minutes, the list of filters populates and again seems to be cached for any dropdowns in the next few minutes.

The wrinkle: On occasion, instead of actually populating, the dropdowns result in an error box noting that "The data could not be loaded."

I'm not seeing anything obvious or even suspicious in the SMP server logs.  Any ideas?


Jeff Moore

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Hi Cubbie,

       Make sure that you update SMP 7.1 SP2 to latest rollup version and it might happen bcuz of large database.Sometimes DB tuning might help too...

With regards,

Viswanath Sampath

Thanks & Regards,

Viswanath Sampath