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Loaner Laptop Tracker

Created: 06 Nov 2013 • Updated: 25 Nov 2013 | 2 comments

Hey :),  I'm working on a way to track our loaner laptops and setup a way for customers to be able to request a loaner for a future date, and have the workflow check to see if one is available for those dates, and then return that data (either avaiable or not).  

Currently i have a workflow setup where people come to the helpdesk and request a loaner, and we check in our stock, and then log the barcode in the process and give it to them.  Then the process goes to a task where it just sits and waits for the Equipment to be returned.  

This process is working but i'd really like to have Altiris check and update an excel "database" (thinking an excel spreadsheet with barcodes on the top and dates on the side... and then just have it write the customers name in the field for each day the loaner would be needed).  

This way customers could request equipment early and we would know to have it set aside, or know that nothing is available.  

My questions are these:

1.) is there an easier way to do this winthin altiris? perhaps using the built in calendar?

2.) how can i get the workflow to check and write names? I've looked at the components but i'm not fully understanding them :(


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MichaelCiv's picture

This sounds like an awesome idea, any chance you wanna post the workflow for us to tinker with?

wwarren's picture

Thanks for the reply :)... I am meeting with an ITS rep in a few days and will post my progress once i have a better handle on it.  or let you know if there is a better way to do what i'm attempting to do... I really need this to function so i won't be giving this out anytime soon...