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Local disk backup through NetBackup for SQL Server

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 11 comments


Is it possible to take local disk backup by using NetBackup for SQL Server 2008R2?


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A policy type of MS SQL will backup the SQL databases.  If you are trying to backup a drive on a SQL server, you should be using the policy type Windows. 

Could you explain more what you are trying to accomplish ?

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You can use the NetBackup new policy wizard to help you create the policy for a norml windows client. You can select ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES or list the drives individually, but remember to exclude the *.ldf/mdf files as they are backed up using the SQL agent.

On initial startup of GUI or select top left "server (master Server) page on right panel "Create a Policy"

Select Create a backup policy for file systems

Select the policy type MS-Windows

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Sorry for not explaining my question well and may be that's why you have misunderstood my question. Actually I am looking for taking backups of SQL Server Databases on locally mounted disk by using NetBackup 7.5. Is it possible? and if it is possible then is it better option over native SQL Server Backups?

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Possible? yes

Practical? maybe not

You can make the SQL Server a NetBackup Media Server, create a Disk Storage Unit using a spare drive on the SQL server, and send backup data to that DSU. 

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SQL backups can be run to a local disk and that backup to disk can in turn be backed up to tape or disk using normal OS flatfile backups via NetBackup. No SQL agent for NetBackup required.

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Hi wr,

Are you recommending not to use Netbackup for backing up sql server databases to local disk and it is better to go with the native sql server backup service?

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Well, why do you want to use NetBackup for taking SQL backup into local disk? Native SQL backup tool is enough for this purpose.

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As per Bill's post:

Possible? yes

Practical? maybe not

You basically have 2 choices to backup SQL:

  1. (As per Bob's post) Use SQL to backup to local disk.
    Backup client via normal OS policy to a NBU media server
  2. Use NBU for SQL agent to backup directly to NBU media server.

If you do not want to backup over the network to a NBU media server, you need to connect devices to the client (disk and/or tape) and install NetBackup media server software on the SQL server, configure NBU Storage Unit for the disk and/or tape and then select this storage unit in the policy for this SQL server. You will need NBU Enterprise Client license in order to config the SQL client as San Media Server.

... is it better to go with the native sql server backup service?

Different opinions - each method have pro's and cons.

  • We have dba's at customers who refuse to 'let go' of control and insist to perform own disk backups. SQL dba's need to control local disk space and number of copies. These disk copies  are backed up via OS backup to NBU. When local disk copy is no longer available, restore is a 2-step process.
  • We have customers who are happily using NBU agent to backup to media server over the network. SQL dba's need to work with NBU admins to config policies. Backup and restore is a 1-step process.
  • We have customers doing both - own disk backups plus NBU agent backups. Timing is key here - these two types of backups cannot happen at the same time.

Hope this helps!

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I appriciate your information.

What we are trying to do is take backup of SQL Server Database onto local disk first and then move them to tape via media server.

Here we have two options

  1. Use native sql server backup tool
  2. Install netbackup media server software on the sql server, configure NBU Storage Unit for the disk and then select this storage unit in the policy for this SQL server.

My concern here is speed. Among these two options, which option provide faster Backups and Recovery?


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Apologies - missed your last set of questions...

As said before - each backup method has it's pro's and cons.

If you perform SQL dumps to local disk, you constantly need to manually monitor disk space and delete old disk backups.

Restore speed will be quick if SQL dump is still on local disk. If local disk dump no longer exists, restore is a lengthy, 2-step process:
1. Restore the disk dump from NBU filesystem backup
2. Restore SQL backup from local disk.

Backups and restores using the SQL agent across the network to NBU media server may take longer, but backups and restores are always a one-step process.
We have done a POC for a customer - SQL agent backup across the network was actually faster than local disk backup due to multiplexing and multistreaming features.

If SQL server has sufficient physical resources, backups and restores can be even faster if SQL server is configured as media server for fast, one-step local backups and restores. 
Performance may be affected if SQL server does not have enough memory to run SQL as well as NBU Media Manager.

Hope this helps....

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