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Local Scheduled Scan that runs when user is not logged in.

Created: 14 Feb 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
We run a few servers that cannot be in a group for scheduled scans. Reasons are programs and certain files. Does anyone know if a local scheduled scan can be setup on a server and run when the user is logged out? I can setup a scan but I have to be logged in and then I lock the computer, therefore the services will start and run. I have done some research but only came up with VPScan.exe in the tools folder on CD1. Any help or guidance will be appreciated. Running 11.0

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There is an option in the client UI to run a scan when a user is not logged in? Check the advanced option on the schedule page.

Jim Waggoner Director Product Management, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Enterprise Security Group, Symantec

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Thank you I now have them setup to run a scheduled scan that is not attached to a policy or administrator scan. There is one thing that I have noticed. When I go to scan log it will show that my scan ran and lets say start 2:00 AM stop 2:30 AM then it will say 50,000 files scanned. Then it will say start 2:31 AM stop 3:10 AM 50,038 files scanned. The question that I have is why does it run two of the same scheduled scans when it only needs to run it once? Thank you for your time and help.