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Local update host clients polling interval

Created: 03 Oct 2013 | 4 comments


I was wondering if anyone knew of a way (or if a log exists) that could show me that local update host clients are actually getting their updates from the local update host instead of going to the Internet.

Also, what is the time interval for clients to connect to the local update host to check for new definitions ?

Thanks !!!


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Clients will talk to SEPM based on heartbeat interval it will be push mode or pull mode.

to know where they are getting updates from you can see it under logs

open sepm



select System, 

In the report you will find something like " Downloaded from the management server "

Its not possible to configure a schedule as all the updates are dependent on pull / push mode.

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Are we talking about SEP SMS 2013 Cloud based management?  That is how we are setup.   I've setup the Local Update Host (to preserve bandwidth).  I'm trying to find out if they are logs or a way to ensure that the clients are actually connecting to that update host...

Thanks for the replies.

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To view what computers are going to which local update host, you will need to go into the details of the Local Update host on the portal.

Computers Tab > Computer Name 


Once you are there you will see a number that is a hyperlink that number represents the amount of the computers that are using the LUH and if you also click on that number you will see all of the computers that are getting its definitions from the LUH.


As for the question on how often it updates, please follow the link below.


Igor S