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Location of Workflow for Import/Export Rules

Created: 02 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

Does anyone know where the workflows are stored Import/Export rules?

I created a Import/Export Rule named Company Payroll Import and would like to examine some of the components in the workflow but can't seem to find where it is stored?

Are they on the Notification Server?  WorkFlow Server?



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Good morning Linda,

If i understand correctly.You created a import/export rule on the SMP and you want to execute it via workflow.

Here are the steps i use to execute a import export rule using workflow.

  1. Build a "Run Connector Rule" task that calls your "Import Export" rule
  2. Create a "automation policy"  that calls the "Run Connector Rule" you just created.
  3. From inside workflow use the "RunAutomationPolicyTaskComponent" make sure you have the guid for the "automation policy" you just created.