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Locking down file transfers in PCAnywhere

Created: 03 Mar 2011 | 2 comments

Hi all,

I have a question relating to file transfer when using PCAnywhere.  Basically we have a team of support guys who use PCAnywhere to remote to client sites for support purposes.  Despite us configuring the support machines to disallow file transfers via the configuration option within PCAnywhere users staff are simply ticking the option to reenable the functionality.

Our main problem here is that the support users have local administrator privs for reasons I wont go into here.  Yes I know the best policy is to take this away but that simply is not an option right now, so please dont labour this point.

With this in mind my question is : How can we remove the ability of PCAnywhere to perform file transfers?

Is it possible to block a port at our corporate firewalls for example, or make a registry change which we can enforce using a GPO? 

Our Host machines are v10, the target machines v11

Many thanks


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We have the same problem and I tried to lock it done via this method but it did not work for me.

We basically need to give a certain group in AD view only privileges.


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It sounds like you are using pcanywhere solution.    The ability to control the rights to specific remote control features isn't as granular in the pcAnywhere solution as it is in the full/box product.    


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