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Logic behind setting overwrite

Created: 09 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

Another question is, I have a hard a time following the logic behind setting the overwrite period.  A collage of mine said that you should set your daily incremental backups to overwrite in 5 days and then set your weekly full backups to overwrite in 30 days.  This will enable you to keep 30 days of backups. I think this is incorrect, shouldn't you incremental be set to overwrite in 30 days also?  For example, If you have a file that changed once on monday, then again on thursday, a weekly backup runs on friday, if on tuesday of the following week you decide you need the data from monday you won't be able to restore it because monday's media is already over written.  Correct?

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Setting the OPP depends on the RPO of your organisation.  Normally, it is more crucial to be able to restore to a finer grain in the near term.  You are correct if you are required to be able to recover to each day after a month.  However, to save on storage, some organisation will follow your colleague's setting, that is, the organisation do not expect to be able to recover to a single day after one week.  If someone create a file on Monday and deletes it on Friday, then after a week, when the incrementals are overwritten, there is no way to recover this file.  This is acceptable to the organisation because otherwise they would have to keep the incrementals for a long time and tie up valuable media.