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Login and password for VCS Management console version 5.5

Created: 04 Jun 2012 • Updated: 19 Jun 2012 | 4 comments
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Hello Everybody, 

I am looking for the login/password for VCS Management console version 5.5 for windows.. I already tried with admin/password however no luck. 

someone please help me out to login VCS Management console for windows.

Sumit Kumar

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The default password should be admin/password only unless someone has changed that in your environemnt ....

If you want to urgently change the same ... you can use following steps:

1. Find a cluster where admin/password  works ...

2. Copy the encrypted password string from from a working cluster for admin/password. (carefully look at initial lines, you can find user details with in first few lines afte "include" statements)

3. Open the config for problem cluster

4. Paste the string which was copied in step 2.

5. Restart VCS from the node where you have changed the configuration.


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The default password for admin back when they used NOM was 'Vxadmin', so you might try that, but usually the default is 'password'.

If you have access to the person who installed it, you should ask them, as the installation asks for a username/password combination.

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Do you mean the VCS Java GUI to administer clusters one at a time, or the VCS Management console Web server for administering multiple clusters.

For the former (Java GUI) you can update password using (while logged on as a Windows Administrator):

hauser -update username

Username is probably admin, but you can use run "hauser list" to see usernames.

Or you can add a new user:

hauser -add new_user -priv Administrator 

For the latter (VCS MC Web server), the user will be a Windows user and the admin user is normally the user that installed the software.


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Hi Sumit,

For VCSMC (CMC) - the web based management console, the default login is for the admin user on that windows box, who has installed the software.
This is typically "Administrator" (either local Administrator or Domain Administrator depending on who it was that installed VCSMC).